Who We Are

Industry Challenges & the Flexwise Solution

For Professionals

  • No visibility to available shifts
  • No direct access to work opportunities
  • No ability to market yourself directly
  • Hassle of dealing with multiple agencies
  • No direct opportunity to negotiate pay rates

For Facilities

  • No direct access to qualified professionals
  • Reliant on agencies for access to Pros
  • Managing multiple agencies is inefficient.
  • No visibility into candidate qualifications
  • Inflated costs related to inefficiencies

Our Solution

  • It is time to bring digital transformation to health care staffing!
  • Flexwise is an on-demand health care staffing platform that offers the user-friendly functionality of successful consumer platforms like Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber.

On-Demand Health Care Staffing

Flexwise is an on-demand health care staffing platform, linking RNs and other health care professionals with Per Diem and Travel contract assignments faster and more efficiently than traditional staffing agencies. The founders of Flexwise have decades of experience in health care staffing. We understand the highly regulated health care industry and the problems inherent in the traditional staffing business model resulting in higher costs to health care facilities and lower pay rates to health care professionals.

Clearly, it's time to bring digital transformation to healthcare staffing!

We set out to build a new, more efficient way for health care facilities and professionals to connect while preserving the benefits staffing agencies provide. You will find many familiar features you've become accustomed to with popular online platforms like Airbnb, Uber, and Amazon, with the addition of the 24X7 support required by the health care industry.

Welcome to Flexwise!

The Flexwise Staffing Solution

The Flexwise solution provides direct access to regional marketplaces of fully-vetted nurses, technicians, therapists, and physicians ready to work on a flexible basis. Our platform includes W2 employer services, comprehensive credential management and a community of the top health care professionals in your local market. 

For Health Care Professionals

    • One universal application - comprehensive profile, shared across facilities

    • Full visibility into work opportunities available across the market
    • Auto-notification of new openings based on specialty and interest
    • Full transparency into facility and unit profile; market experience

    • Real-time response and acceptance shift opportunities
    • Ability to counter proposed pay rates

For Health Care Facilities

    • Quickly find qualified professionals
    • Leverage and extend your current float pool resources
    • Real-time feedback regarding availability/interest
    • Streamlined fulfillment process

    • Professionals are pre-screened to YOUR exact standards
    • Credentials, ratings and work history are in ONE PLACE

    • Flexwise continuously monitors compliance to make sure candidates comply with Federal and state employment regulations, JCAHO requirements, union agreements, etc.
    • Full transparency into worker credentials; work history

    • Efficiencies result in reduced commissions and management fees
    • Market intelligence - ability to adjust rates based on market conditions to ensure competitiveness

"Because I want it to work around my family — flexible is everything to me."
“I get a much higher hourly wage, almost double, for being willing to be flexible”
"Registry (Per Diem) nursing offers the flexibility and a variety of options."

About Flexwise

Flexwise Health is an on-demand healthcare staffing platform linking professionals with Per Diem and Travel jobs — faster and more efficiently.

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