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Redesigning the Clinical Workforce to Offset Mass Retirements and Increasing Labor Costs

Healthcare organizations consistently encounter challenges related to right-sizing their clinical workforce. Now, as more than one-third of the nursing workforce is rapidly approaching the age of retirement, healthcare organizations are tasked with building cost-effective clinical networks comprised of flexible resources that can match emerging patient demand and deliver high-quality, low-cost healthcare.

Nurse spending quality time with daughter

What are the benefits of 12-hour vs. 8-hour shifts?

Yes, twelve hours sounds like a lot. But to me, a PRN employee, it is one of the major benefits of working in my field.

Nurse reading chart in unfamiliar unit

Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Floating Between Units

The disadvantages of floating to a new unit are obvious and we have all felt it – the feeling of inadequacy when a patient asks a question that you don’t know or the frustration of spending time looking for supplies or forgetting codes to med rooms and supply closets...

Charge Nurse mentoring New Nurse at patient bedside

Taking Charge of Your Career – Embracing Opportunities to Challenge Yourself

The roles we find ourselves fulfilling in our career may not actually be the ones we set out for. Sometimes, these roles are thrust upon us, or a need is presented to us. But we often find there is an internal drive to push ourselves to the next level that opens the door to new roles and challenges.

Christina Registered Nurse
"I prefer to look (for assignments) myself... to be more hands-on in the search"
"I would rather take personal responsibility when job hunting rather than waiting for an agency to call me."
“As a registry (Per Diem) nurse, I make more per hour.”

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