Nurse completing resume template at home

5 Tips for Building the Best Nursing Resume

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Don’t panic! It’s time to begin building your resume to land the perfect job for your nursing career.

Flexwise RNs already know that nursing is one of the fastest-growing job markets and that RNs are in high demand, but how do you set yourself apart from the masses when you’re applying to job openings? says that “The key to a successful resume is to keep it simple yet persuasive while always remembering to create the best possible image of oneself on paper.”

You not only want the informational content about your skills, education, and experience to stand out, but you also want to employ a design layout that helps you to shine bright amongst a sea of other resumes. 

Here are 5 helpful tips to make sure you grab your potential employers’ attention from the first glance to land the interview, and eventually the job!

1. Your Header – This can be very simple, with just your name and contact information.

2. Education – Hiring managers and recruiters usually want to see your certifications and education first, make sure to put it in a prominent spot on the page.

3. Professional Profile – This is the space to really make a statement about who you are and why you’re passionate about being a nurse. Be specific about your nursing style, RN Certifications, and what you would specifically bring to the role you’re applying for.

4. Experience – Include information about your clinical experience such as the number of hours you invested in each hospital and unit, as well as any other relevant healthcare-related work experience you may have had. Include bullet points that showcase your roles and responsibilities.

5. Licenses and Certifications – Briefly list your nursing certifications, qualifications and any related information here.

Pro Tip: Leave out any jobs such as bartending or your position as a barista; this also goes for hobbies, scholarships, clubs, and references on your resume. These sections add unnecessary and irrelevant information to your resume that clutter the page and are not typically going to help you land the job. (Don’t worry, you can provide your stellar references in the application process, just leave them off your actual resume!)

Optional: If you’ve got space, including a section for your volunteer experience or fluency in a foreign language will help take the content of your resume to the next level.

If you’re looking for a great layout for your resume, we found one that is not only informative but beautiful that would be a great source of inspiration for you, here.

Happy resume building!