Is Flexwise only for RNs?

We are launching with RNs, and plan to add other nurses, locums, and allied professionals soon afterward.

How do I sign up for the Flexwise app?

If you have joined our mailing list, we will invite you to join Flexwise as soon as our service becomes available in your area.

How will I be notified about job opportunities?

You tell us! You have the option of choosing, email, text and in-app notifications.

How is it you can offer better pay?

The efficiency of our software allows us to match and place professionals faster with less human intervention. This drives down cost, allowing us to offer you better pay rates.

How are you different from an agency or registry?

In many ways, we a very similar. We match healthcare professionals to open assignments, on-demand, in real-time. Think of us a super agency! 

“I like that I can see and choose the assignment. Each day might be different.”
“Being able to make my own schedule worked really well when I had a young baby.”
"I have more control over my schedule than if I were full-time employed".

About Flexwise

Flexwise Health is an on-demand healthcare staffing platform linking professionals with Per Diem and Travel jobs — faster and more efficiently.

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