Flexwise has a different way of doing things!

How did we build Flexwise? By listening to nurses just like you, that’s how. And the one point we heard – over and over and over again – was: Make signing up simple. And we think we did: just three simple steps.

Two Flexwise Registry nurses sharing a laptop during a shift break.Step One: Build a Profile

Click 'Apply Now' and start building your comprehensive online resume. Finally, a place for all your credentials, health records, work experience, and references. Work on this at your own pace. You may start and stop as you see fit. Everything is saved as you go.


Flexwise Per Diem nurse with smartphone.Step Two: Verification

We run the standard, one-time background and reference checks because verification is a very important part of Flexwise. Why? Because we want health care facilities to know our team (including you, of course) is made up of nurses that have passed rigorous background and reference checks with flying colors and are the best of the best (including you, of course).


Male Flexwise nurse reading digital tablet.Step Three: Search for Assignments

The last step is the easiest of all. Approval typically takes three to five days and if there are any issues you’ll be notified immediately. Of course, once you pass: Welcome to Flexwise! And start finding those perfect jobs (because it won’t be hard.)

About Flexwise

Flexwise Health is an on-demand healthcare staffing platform linking professionals with Per Diem and Travel jobs — faster and more efficiently.

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