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Confident blonde Per Diem nurseBetter Hourly Pay

Our online model frees up more dollars for you!

Flexwise uses cutting-edge technology that saves money - and we pass those savings on to you! In addition to reaping the benefit of Flexwise cutting out the middleman, you have the ability to choose higher paying jobs, and in many cases, even negotiate your pay!

Per Diem nurse consoling patientPersonalized Search

Focus on assignments that align with your career interests.

Remember all the time and hassle searching through every nursing opening in the hopes you’d find just one--just one--that meets all of your unique needs (your desired pay rate, specialty, scheduling preference, etc.)? Well feel free to forget them because your life just got a whole lot easier: with Flexwise, you don’t have to search for the jobs that perfectly meet your needs--those jobs will search for you.

Middle-aged Per Diem nurse smiles to cameraJob Visibility

See all available assignments in your market.

Think of the job opportunities you might have missed; the lost benefits, to you, your family and your patients, because a single agency did not provide access to a particular opening? Unlike traditional agencies, Flexwise can provide direct visibility to every opportunity in your market. Why let a single agency determine which openings you see? With Flexwise, you see them all.

Millennial-aged Per Diem nurse with red hair smiles to camera.Simplified Records

Apply ONCE and you’re DONE!

Tired of filling out paperwork at every agency and then turning around and filling it out--again--for every job opportunity? With Flexwise you can consider that hassle gone. Compile all your pertinent information--from certification to desired pay rates--once and you’re done.


Senior-aged Per Diem nurse smiling from nursing stationRewards Program

Earn ongoing rewards for referrals!

Once you’ve experienced the many fantastic benefits of Flexwise, you’ll be eager to share them with all your nurse friends and colleagues. And Flexwise won’t just help you do it, it will reward you for doing it. The more that your referrals use Flexwise to find assignments, the more you can earn!


Millennial male Per Diem nurse reviews laptop.Cash Incentives

Bonus for introducing your colleagues to Flexwise!

We all benefit from growing the Flexwise team of RNs and we want to pass those benefits on to you! Help the Flexwise team and Flexwise will help you right back--with cash. And given all the Flexwise benefits, we don’t think those referrals will be hard to come by.


Confident senior-aged African American Per Diem nurse smiling with arms folded.Access to Benefits

Flexwise offers benefits tailored for you!

You don’t believe in one-size-fits-all nursing, you believe every patient is unique and deserves specialized care and treatment, not some rigid, cookie-cutter approach. Shouldn’t your own personal benefits package be the same? When it comes to benefits, Flexwise lets you craft a package tailored just for you.


Smiling millennial male Per Diem nurse encourages patient in wheelchairSimplified Accounting

Flexwise takes care of the paperwork, not you.

Being a self-employed professional works for some people; however, Flexwise approaches things a little differently! As your employer of record, Flexwise will handle all of your payroll accounting and tax withholding. Another way Flexwise makes your life easier!


Smiling middle-aged African American female Per Diem nurse with file folders.Credential Management

Flexwise takes the work out of managing your credentials.

Because nurses like you helped us create Flexwise, we know--since you told us--that credential-management is a pretty big hassle and a lot of work. And we heard you, loud and clear, which is why we made sure that credential management and tracking on Flexwise always makes your life easier, not harder.


Senior-aged white female Per Diem labor and delivery nurse consulting with postpartum mother and infant.Work Within Your Specialty

You can choose assignments in your area of specialty.

Flexwise understands how important your area of specialty is. You chose it carefully, take great pride being part of it and, in some cases, it even helps define you. We also know, that your specialty can change over time. With full visibility, you can choose the assignments that work with your career path and life choices.


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Flexwise Health is an on-demand healthcare staffing platform linking professionals with Per Diem and Travel jobs — faster and more efficiently.

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