Flexwise: powerful tools to help navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

In these unpredictable times, it’s more important than ever to remain nimble and resourceful. 

From screening visitors and administering tests to redeploying clinicians from low-census units, COVID has disrupted hospital staffing like nothing else. Vaccine distribution now represents yet another complex, dynamic challenge.

Our advanced tools streamline your job of managing staff pools, even in the face of complex and quickly evolving challenges. We’re here to help:

  • Consolidate resources and coordinate screening
  • Provide a central repository for all clinician profiles
  • Provide EOR services as needed 
  • Help redeploy internal clinical resources into flex roles 
  • Assist with scheduling of staff screening and testing 

Adopting a Flexible Staffing Strategy

COVID-related workforce requirements can be extremely volatile. Staffing demands change quickly.  Specialized needs often fall outside of conventional staff roles. To make things even more complex, many employees are weathering the impact of COVID within their households. Their availability to pick up shifts can change in an instant. For many organizations, creating flexible resource pools has been the most practical solution.

Resource Pool Administration

While flexible resource pools can be an effective strategic response to COVID, they also present unique challenges. With so many variables at play, traditional approaches to scheduling and deployment simply aren’t enough. A streamlined, intuitive process for rapidly communicating open shifts and confirming coverage is now essential. In effect, the system itself needs to be smarter.