Optimize unit coverage and reduce labor costs
while improving patient care.

Our unique data-driven approach holds the answer. Now you can proactively schedule staffing resources based on upcoming patient demand, while delivering measurable cost savings. We help with everything from building out core staff schedules to plugging in flex resources when and where they're needed. No wonder the AHA Innovation Fund chose to invest in bringing this important technology to life.

Better outcomes across the board.

Better Scheduling
Better Scheduling

Reduce premium labor costs by closely aligning your schedule with upcoming demand. Now you can schedule a full month out, with 91% accuracy.

Better Staffing
Better Staffing

Optimize unit coverage more easily than ever before. Our unique prescriptive guidance helps you quickly adjust to emergent staffing needs.

Better Planning
Better Planning

Improve planning of budgeted staffing levels, core schedule patterns and position control up to 16 months out, based on predictive data analytics.

Better ROI
Better ROI

At a time when budgets will continue to present greater challenges than ever, Flexwise offers solutions that help you do more with less.

Three powerful tools. One comprehensive approach.

Flexwise Predict

Flexwise <span>Predict</span>

Optimize coverage
and control premium
labor costs

Accurately predict patient demand and nurse staffing needs in four-hour increments by unit, shift, day, week and month. Overlay scheduling data and coverage rules from existing scheduling systems such as API Healthcare, Cerner, or Kronos to make critical operational decisions in real time.

Flexwise Align

Flexwise  <span>Align</span>

Integrated scheduling
with prescriptive guidance

Welcome to your staffing command center. Now a single web app shows your full staffing schedule, department activity including census and ADT, plus alerts on potential nurse over/understaffing. Advanced algorithms provide guidance for filling open shifts, drawing from all available resources.

Flexwise Connect

Flexwise  <span>Connect</span>

Enterprise resource
pool management

Our dynamic, flexible approach allows you to meet emergent staffing needs across your entire organization without racking up overtime costs. This enterprise technology was specifically designed to efficiently manage float pools and fill open shifts system-wide. Do a better job in less time.