About Flexwise

We’re a passionate team of business leaders, data scientists, software engineers and nurses. Different backgrounds, yes. But all of us share a commitment to creating innovations that help hospitals successfully navigate the profound structural changes sweeping our industry.

Central to our mission: the idea that data science has huge, untapped potential to drive improvements in operational efficiency and effectiveness. We help hospitals and health systems by making it easier to balance the competing goals of cost control, quality patient care and staff satisfaction. Finding that balance is a complicated and delicate proposition, to be sure. Maintaining balance is even harder. But now, finally, it can be done.

By adopting a data-driven, cloud-based approach to clinical workforce staffing and scheduling, hospitals can now do a better job predicting and controlling both overstaffing and understaffing. It’s a proven way to reduce premium labor. costs while improving patient outcomes.

The bottom line? Healthier, happier patients. Along with a healthier, happier staff. And yes, that even includes your CFO.

At Flexwise We Believe:

The best data is your own data.

Predictive analytics and prescriptive guidance are great for driving operational efficiency and effectiveness. But your facility is unique in countless ways. It’s critical that your staffing and scheduling decisions are informed by your data, not by industry averages or norms.

Change has to be carefully managed.

Yours is a complex, a 24/7 environment with little margin for error. Your nursing leaders are already battling technology overload. So even the most helpful changes need to be introduced in a way that minimizes the disruption of day-to-day operations. You need to make the transition to data-driven staffing and scheduling as seamless as possible. We get that.

Replacing technology is expensive and distracting. 

From the ground up, our solutions are designed to work within your existing tech ecosystem. Minimizing disruption is the name of the game. Besides, protecting the IT investments you’ve already made makes far more sense than ripping everything out and starting over.

We’re all in this together.

Flexwise engages with partners, not customers. When you choose to Implement our technology, it’s more than a transactional event. We see this as the beginning of a long-term relationship – a symbiotic relationship that makes both of our teams better.