Take The Guesswork Out Of Staff Scheduling

Flexwise Predict is a web-based platform designed to forecast patient volume and staffing needs. In practice, it’s a simple and intuitive tool. But behind the scenes, our sophisticated algorithms analyze hundreds of thousands of data points to provide accurate staffing demand forecasts up to 16 months out. Every recommendation incorporates learning gleaned from historical census data, patient acuity and diagnoses, along with your own department coverage rules and preferences.

This gives you a convenient, consolidated view of staffing schedules across units. You’ll see alerts for potential overstaffing or understaffing, high census or low census, allowing you enough time to fine-tune schedules and reallocate resources before potential issues become real ones.

Actionable Insights From Day One

With a clear picture of your staffing requirements ahead of time, you can eliminate understaffing, maintaining the correct coverage ratios and ensuring your patients are receiving the care and support they require. You can also mitigate against overstaffing in advance, saving you money and preventing last-minute shift cancellations. 

And if you do need to make use of flexible resources to meet peaks in demand, you can do so intelligently with improved foresight. By providing an accurate, informed picture of your staffing requirements, Flexwise can help you optimize your workforce and reduce your labor costs by 4-6%. 

Seamless, Non-Disruptive Integration.

We understand the world you work in. So we understand that you can’t afford disruptions or distractions in your day-to-day workflow. That’s why this powerful new tool integrates fully with your existing tech stack. Flexwise Predict is designed to work alongside your current EMR and staffing and scheduling systems. The way we see it, most healthcare systems don’t need new systems. They simply need better information, and they need it sooner.