Flexwise announces collaboration with Sanford Health

Sanford Health and Flexwise Develop Innovative Medical Staffing Tool

The Future of Healthcare Workforce Optimization

Flexwise Health is pleased to announce our collaboration with Sanford Health to create a novel augmented intelligence tool, which will revolutionize the way nursing teams are staffed. This collaboration will mean improved patient care, increased hours for proper training, and more work-life balance, which will naturally lead to happier nurses and less turnover. This innovative AI tool will also mean hospitals are staffed appropriately and ready to take on an influx of patients when needed but are also able to make the best use of their hours when times are slower.

Nursing managers have generally relied on patient admittances from exactly a year ago when creating daily schedules. This approach is lackluster because it simply doesn’t allow for present and future staffing needs. Predictions are absolutely necessary now and that has been proven in the era of Covid-19. Every hour of every single day needs to be reviewed and analyzed for scheduling purposes. However; that kind of analysis is far too much desk work for a nursing manager, who must also train nursing staff and provide care to his/her patients. That’s where the newly developed Flexwise app comes in.

Sanford’s Unique Algorithm 

This exciting development dates back to 2019 with research and strategic planning between Emily Buckingham-Carlson, R.N., Head of Enterprise Clinical Staffing & Scheduling for Sanford Health and Robert Menzie, the lead data scientist on Sanford Health’s advanced analytics group. Buckingham-Carlson sought real-time information to efficiently staff the hospital and wanted to use data to stabilize the workforce. 

As quoted in a recent Sanford Health article, Menzie states, “It’s not just the hour of the day. It’s not just what day of the week it is. It’s not just the month. It’s not just the year. It’s a culmination of all of those and also what’s currently happening.”

Buckingham-Carlson has coined the term, LAMP —  Leveraging Analytics to Mobilize (our workforce) and Prepare (for the future) — to describe their innovation. The acronym LAMP pays homage to the great (and very innovative) military nurse, Florence Nightingale, who was known for carrying a lamp to check on wounded soldiers throughout the night.

Collaboration Partnership Benefits Both Parties

The Sanford Health and Flexwise Health collaboration is greatly benefiting both companies.

“Flexwise Health was identified to be the best-in-class precision staffing company,” said Braden Bills, t of Sanford Health’s innovation and commercialization team which is leading Sanford’s participation. “Flexwise values the Sanford Health partnership because we’re doing it internally, so we can provide extensive clinical, operations, and data science feedback. That’s a big chunk of what our collaboration is about.” – Sanford Health

With ongoing input from Sanford, Flexwise has combined its elegant user interface and robust platform with Sanford’s LAMP algorithm to create a modern best-of-breed AI tool, which allows for quicker and smarter scheduling with permanent clinical staff and floaters. This collaboration will also provide Flexwise with robust trial data which will continue to inform and improve the Company’s commercial offerings.