Improve Clinical Coverage By Up To 50%.

It’s easier to make the best staffing decisions when you have all available options right in front of you. From any device, Flexwise Align offers full visibility into every clinical resource pool. Full-time employees, float resources, PRN, and travelers are all taken into account for decision support recommendations. From RNs and LPNs to techs and sitters, across every department, they’re all represented. 

Manage these staff using intelligent prompts like high and low census alerts, over and understaffing alerts, and more. These alerts provide operational decision support by triggering rules-driven recommendations and ‘best fit’ options to help you optimize staff deployment at the click of a button. 

Streamline Open Shift Management

You still get to call the shots. But now you’re armed with a level of intelligent decision support never before available. Recommendations on how to best resolve understaffing or overstaffing, transfers between units, and assignment of float pool resources are guided by customizable rules. These can be configured differently for each unit – remember, you’re always in complete control.

Now your unit managers can spend less time swapping around shifts, and more time on their core mission. And with stable and manageable rosters in place, your core team can focus on doing their jobs without feeling overwhelmed or overworked. In the long term, this brings you a more satisfied workforce, with lower turnover – yet another way to boost ROI.

Keep Your Staff In The Loop

Quick, clear communication is an essential part of effective staffing. But it shouldn’t take up time you could be spending more productively elsewhere. So we’ve automated this process in a way that streamlines the experience for everyone involved. Notifications for open shifts and immediate staffing needs go to exactly those staff members you want to receive them. Timely shift confirmations and reminders make scheduling crystal clear for everybody. And you’ll know about reassignments or cancellations instantly, allowing you to realign for the best balance more proactively than ever.