A Smarter Approach to Enterprise Float Pool Management

Accurately predicting patient volume is, in itself, a major win. But if you don’t have a deep enough talent pool to draw from, you and your staff are still going to feel the crunch during patient census peaks. Enhancing float pool capacity is a great way to meet high demand while maximizing efficiencies across your entire system. Flexwise works in tandem with Shifts technology to help you decisively direct float resources wherever they’re needed most.

Powerful, convenient and intuitive, Shifts provides a fully-integrated mobile experience for clinicians across all your facilities. Using our intuitive, easy-to-use interface, you can access on-demand resources whenever and wherever you need them. This is a great way to help protect clinical coverage ratios while ensuring the highest standard of patient care.

See the Big Picture – Anywhere, Anytime

Our platform enables healthcare leaders to take an enterprise approach in utilizing resource pools to fill open shifts and emergent staffing needs. It provides:

  • Quick Entry – Staffing needs can be quickly published to qualified workers.
  • Real-Time Visibility – Using any mobile device, workers can directly see open shifts and staffing needs, including shift details and location.
  • Automatic Notification – Workers are notified of new or canceled shifts automatically via text and/or email.
  • Self-Scheduling – Workers pick up shifts when and where they want to work directly from their mobile devices. Managers receive alerts whenever shifts are picked up. 
  • Assist with scheduling of staff screening and testing
  • Configurable Rules – Choose restrictions to require confirmations, avoid scheduling conflicts or limit overtime.
  • Configurable Pools – Set up enterprise-wide flex pools to match workgroups with specific needs based on discipline, specialty, etc.
  • Credentials and Qualification Tracking – Easily configure worker profiles to track important credentials, certifications, medical records, etc.
  • 24×7 Support – We understand the immense challenges of managing today’s staffing needs. Our Customer Support team is here when you need us.

Get More Done, Faster.

Streamline your job of managing staff pools, even in the face of today’s most complex and quickly evolving challenges. We’re here to help:

  • Consolidate resources and coordinate screening
  • Provide a central repository for all clinician profiles
  • Provide EOR services as needed 
  • Help redeploy internal clinical resources into flex roles