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Sanford partners with Flexwise to improve workforce staffing

Jon Berg
Sanford Health Media Relations
c/o Flewise Health

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Sanford Health will soon be partnering with Flexwise Health, a health care technology provider based in Nashville, Tenn., to implement data analytics and artificial intelligence designed to optimize the scheduling of its more than 10,000 nurses. The partnership aligns with Sanford’s goal of improving clinical staffing by scheduling workforce activities through a system-wide application of patient demand forecasting.

“Sanford’s Nursing Leadership, Enterprise Data Analytics, Innovation and Commercialization teams have collaborated with Flexwise to incorporate predictive analytics into our clinical workforce governance model,” said Erica DeBoer, chief nursing officer at Sanford Health. “We are fully committed to harnessing the power of predictive modeling and analytics to provide new insights into our clinical workforce needs and optimize our staffing and scheduling decisions in the future.”

Maintaining a balance between meeting patient care needs and controlling labor costs continues to become more complex, especially given staffing challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. Flexwise helps health care systems and other businesses adopt a data-driven approach to clinical workforce scheduling and staffing.

“Now more than ever, hospitals need innovative solutions to help them control labor costs without compromising patient care and staff satisfaction,” said Kevin Godsey, Co-Founder and CEO, Flexwise Health. “Predictive staffing will help Sanford Health achieve those objectives.”

By working with a hospital’s existing electronic medical record, staff scheduling and time & attendance applications, the Flexwise platform brings all data together in one place to optimize clinical workforce staffing decisions.

“We are excited to continue enhancing our patient care and support of our workforce with this new platform,” said DeBoer. “If we can better anticipate the staffing needs, we can limit off-schedule calls to our nursing workforce.”

“Flexwise is identified as the best-in-class precision staffing company,” added Braden Bills, Ph.D., representing Sanford Health’s innovation and commercialization team. “Flexwise values the Sanford Health partnership because we can provide extensive clinical, operations and data science feedback through our internal implementation efforts. We’ve also identified several opportunities for further collaboration to extend the platform into other areas of our clinical operations.”

About Flexwise Health

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